Why Alexa Won’t Play Spotify? 2024 (Complete Guide)

why won't Alexa play music from Spotify

What do you think why your Spotify isn’t working? Is it because Alexa doesn’t want to or is it due to any technical fault? Well, the reason could be both so we will have a detailed overview on the issue which says “Why won’t Alexa play music from Spotify?” When you are someone who lives in this much advanced world then you must know that these technical faults are part of the tech products. You cannot save yourself from these faults.
What’s the best way to cope up with such errors/faults? The best adopted methodology would be to know the fix of the respective fault so you don’t have to pay additional money to make it work properly. Our article here is to help you solve Alexa and Spotify issues.


The best way to solve any problem is to first understand it properly. Is the issue coming from Alexa’s side or do we have to make adjustments to our Spotify account? In this case, you will need to keep a check on both the sides as both are tech products and the issue could lie in one of them or even both.
Okay so we have understood that Alexa is not playing Spotify, what should we do? You can try various fixes and see which one works out the best for you. We will be dividing the fixes into 2 categories; one for Alexa and the other for Spotify.


You can try the below mentioned fixes if the issue lies in your Alexa device. Choose any fix which proves to be the most suitable one and get going.


The most common fix for any problem which occurs in a tech product is to restart the device. So is the case over here. It is time for you to restart your Alexa. This can be done by unplugging Alexa for about 20-30 seconds and then plugging it back. Like this Alexa will establish the required connections and your Spotify might work.


Another reason that Alexa won’t play music on Spotify is because Alexa is not updated to its latest version. As Spotify gets updated frequently so there might occur a clash between the versions of both. Just to be on the safe side always keep your Alexa up to date to avoid any future inconvenience.

STEP 1: Direct to the “Settings” section of Alexa
STEP 2: See the “Software Version”
STEP 3: If an update option is available click on it, if not it means Alexa is already updated


Another cool fix is to do the linking and unlinking process. You have to first unlink Alexa and then try relinking it again. This can be done by changing your default music service to Amazon music or Pandora. After this you can switch back to Spotify and make it your default music service. This can be done by following the below mentioned instructions.

STEP 1: Open the Alexa app
STEP 2: Click on the “More” option button
STEP 3: Head towards the “Settings” section
STEP 4: After clicking on “Music and Podcasts”, you will see option of “Default Services”
STEP 5: Just right below the “Music”, click on “Change”
STEP 6: Available music services will be shown to you, select one and proceed


Now you have to try the below mentioned fixes if the issue is with your Spotify account. Adopt the fix which proves to be the most suitable.


The easiest solution has to be this one. Of course, in order to play your Spotify playlist through Alexa you need to establish a connection between the both. If your Spotify account is already linked then try relinking it. If not then no worries! You can do it now.

STEP 1: Open Alexa app and click on “More”
STEP 2: Select “Settings”
STEP 3: In the Settings section, click on “Music and Podcasts”
STEP 4: Select “Spotify” from the available options
STEP 5: Select “Enable to Use”
STEP 6: Enter your Spotify credentials for a successful login process
STEP 7: Your Spotify account will be successfully linked with Alexa


As discussed in one of our previous articles Why Spotify deleted my account? we have mentioned this thing that Spotify isn’t supported in some countries. So if you are using Spotify in some of the restricted countries (i.e. outside of US) then you might have to use a VPN for this.

STEP 1: Install a VPN from an authentic website
STEP 2: Using that VPN, change your location so the incompatibility issue disappears
STEP 3: After this, restart your device and now all the services will be made available


It might sound weird to fix the Alexa won’t play Spotify problem by disabling the shuffle feature of Spotify. But trust us, it works! If your Spotify shuffle feature is already disabled then jump to the next solution but if not then disable it and here’s how to do it.

STEP 1: Open Spotify app and check if the account you are using is yours or not
STEP 2: You will see a “Now Playing Box”.
STEP 3: In that box, if the shuffle button is green then it means shuffle mode is activated
STEP 4: Click on it to disable it


You can adopt any one of the above mentioned solutions to solve your issue. The solution will depend on the nature of your problem. Every user might be facing different problem so he/she can adopt the solution which works the best for the respective problem. The first thing you need to figure out is the source of your problem, whether it is concerned with Alexa or Spotify. Then you can easily pick the solution from the available ones.


Q – Do you have to pay for Spotify if Alexa is not playing the requested music?
A – Paying for Spotify means buying its premium subscription, but it is not the case if you want to solve Alexa and Spotify issues. You don’t really need to make a switch from a free account to a premium one. Using a free Spotify account will do the job just fine.

Q – Why did Alexa stop the sound track?
A – The most common reason that Alexa has stopped playing your requested track is because its settings got confused and needs a look after. Once you fix Alexa’s settings then if will not do such things like stopping your songs suddenly or not playing your requested playlist.

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