How To Use Airplay On Lg Smart Tv (2024 Guide)

airplay lg tv

Apple products are really a hard pass to make. You don’t want to miss the amazing features which these products offer. Not just this but the quality assurance by Apple is another great thing to take into consideration. But there is a β€œBut”, of course every technical product comes with many pros and some cons.

Understanding the features of the device you are using is the initial step to get used to it. For example if you are a new apple user and you don’t know anything about the cancelled calls on IPhone, what will you do now? The obvious answer to this is that you will for sure observe the difference between the cancelled calls and the missed ones. Like this you get used to the technology. Talking about Apple, with the technological revolution many smart products don’t even require a wired connection. They go for the wireless connections. We have such a feature to establish wireless connections among Apple products i.e. AirPlay.


AirPlay is a technical feature which allows you to share videos, photos and other content from your smart devices to your smart TV. It acts as a bridge between your smart devices and TV. Here we are specifically talking about LG TVs, so we will guide you through all the important steps which you need to know about this matter. TV related issues are a bit technical to solve just like when you needed to use Roku TV without having the access to remote. So make sure to give your undivided attention to the setup.


If you want to use AirPlay on your LG TV then this section of the article deals with the same query of yours. Just follow the below mentioned steps carefully in order to avoid future inconvenience.

STEP 1 – Make sure that your smart device and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection
STEP 2 – Visit the β€œHome Dashboard” by pressing the β€œHome” button on the remote
STEP 3 – Select β€œAirPlay” from the available options and you will see all the related settings

how to setup airplay on lg tv
STEP 4 – Make sure you click on AirPlay once to make it enabled

airplay to lg tv from iphone
STEP 5 – The second box says β€œRequire Code”, set it to First Time Only

how to connect iphone to lg tv airplay Using Airplay
STEP 6 – If you want to use password for the connection building then you can even select that
STEP 7 – After this process has been done, you are good to go!


AirPlay for LG TV is one of the top-rated features of both the products. After knowing about the one procedure we will now guide you through another one which is related to IPhone. How to AirPlay from IPhone to LG TV? We are going to answer your this question real quick! AirPlay LG TV supports IPhone compatibility as well so if you want to establish a connection between your IPhone and LG TV then it could be done by following the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Connect your IPhone and LG TV to the same Wi-Fi connection
STEP 2 – Install the relevant app, provide the login credentials and start playing your favorite content
STEP 3 – On the screen you will see an AirPlay button, click on it
STEP 4 – From all the available devices, choose LG TV
STEP 5 – You will see the videos playing on your IPhone will start appearing on the TV as well


Well we have another way to apply LG TV screen share IPhone methodology. The above mentioned procedure was a straight-forward but in this procedure we will include β€œScreen Mirroring” as well. In order to get the job done, just follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1 – Connect your IPhone and LG smart TV to the same Wi-Fi connection
STEP 2 – Now visit β€œControl Centre” section on IPhone
STEP 3 – Select β€œScreen Mirroring” option
STEP 4 – From the available devices, select LG TV
STEP 5 – Now provide the AirPlay code to connect
STEP 6 – You will see that the IPhone screen is being displayed on the LG TV


Last but not the least, if you want to connect a Mac PC to your LG smart TV then you just have to make a few configurations in the LG TV airplay settings and you will be good to go.


STEP 1 – First thing to make sure is that Mac and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection
STEP 2 – After visiting β€œControl Centre Menu”, choose the β€œAirPlay” icon
STEP 3 – From the available devices, choose LG TV
STEP 4 – Enter the AirPlay credentials to establish a connection
STEP 5 – You will now be able to stream your favorite content


LG TVs do support AirPlay but the models still vary. The below table shows the AirPlay compatibility with various models.

2020WX, GX, CX, BX, RX, ZX
LG OLED2019C9, E9, B9, R9, W9, Z9
2018G8, B8, C8, E8
LG NANOCELL2020Nano 99, 97, 95, 90, 85, 80
2019SM81, SM99, SM90, SM95, SM86
LG HUD2018SK 9,8; UK 62 and above; UK 7


Following are the merits and demerits of using AirPlay on your LG TV.


  • Better audio providence
  • Ensures better stability
  • You can attend calls without disturbing AirPlay feed


  • Network dependent
  • High quality videos i.e. 4K videos will probably lag


With the launch of AirPlay we are now able to stream our favorite content on smart TV. There are multiple ways for each type of device and we have tried to cover each one of them. Give this article a thorough read and stream your favorite content on LG smart TV without any inconvenience.


Q – How To Setup AirPlay On LG TV?
A – Setting AirPlay on LG TV is a very easy task to perform. Connect your smart device and LG TV to the same Wi-Fi connection. Then go to the Control Center Menu of your LG TV and click on AirPlay icon. Enter the required code and your setup will be completed.

Q – Why Can’t I Use AirPlay On My LG TV?
A – There could be multiple reasons for it. First of all your TV model might be an older one. Or there could be a possibility that an update is being on hold.

Q – Why Isn’t My IPhone Establishing A Connection With LG TV?
A – The only thing to make sure while establishing a connection is to ensure that both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Q – Can I Use AirPlay With My Mac PC?
A – Yes, you can use AirPlay with your Mac PC. The procedure might be a little different but other than that you won’t face any difficulty.


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